Vitali Klein’s Hot Ass

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Vitali Klein’s Hot Ass - 21 Min Video Gay HD

Vitali Klein looks lovingly at his helper whose hands feel over him. The hands lower Vitali’s pants, releasing his cock and balls. Then oil is rubbed over the cock and the balls. The cock is wanked gently and more oil is applied. Then the pants are removed completely and Vitali’s legs are lifted into the air. That exposes his hot ass hole. The ass cheeks get a little spank before oil is applied to the hot ass hole. A thumb rubs over the hole and then a finger is pushed inside as Vitali’s cock is wanked too. That finger fucks deep into the hot ass, going knuckle deep. That fingering gets harder, fucking into the tight hole before being removed. More oil is applied too and the hole is stretched by two fingers. They slide easily into the hole and start to fuck. Then the finger come out and the ass his spread to make the hole gape so well. A dildo is prepared and soon gets pushed deep into the hungry hole. That toy fucks deep into the ass hole with Vitali feeling every little thrust. Then the toy comes out and his cock is wanked. Soon the dildo is pushed back into the hole and fucks more. It is worked deep into the hole and the pulls out to show off the gaping hole again. Vitali turns over, onto his knees. His ass gets more oil and then the dildo rubs over his hole and is pushed back inside. That hole is fucked deep and then pulls out again. It goes in to fuck more though and repeats the withdrawal to show the hole. Vitali is moved to lay on his shoulders, with his legs over his head. That presents his hole ready for a nice fat plug. That plug really stretches the hole so wide. It is fucked in and out, giving a great view of the hole. Then the dildo is used again, to fuck deep into that ass hole. Vitali then lays on his back and wanks hard on his cock. He keeps wanking until his dick gives up the creamy cum. That cum is milked from the cock to drain it completely as Vitali relaxes.

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